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Welcome to my family blog. I have been married to Mike for over half of my life. I love my Savior, Jesus. I am a stay-at-home, homeschooling mom to six terrific, interesting children. My 3 oldest were born to me in my younger years, while my 3 youngest were given to me by God in my older years. I am very blessed. ~Cheri



Yes, I've been M.I.A. because it has been H.O.T. and we have no electricity and don't expect any for a week.  We participated in some of that storm that passed through the area on Friday, and we've been sweating ever since, thankful for the kindness of friends who do have running water and air conditioning and food.

So, Friday night I went to the store right before it got dark.  When I was almost there, half of a tree flew across the road right in front of me.  Something definitely was not right.  I won't go into details, but it was an obstacle coarse on the way home.  I arrived home and our electricity was out.  The next morning, our yard looked like this...

...barely missing Jordan's car.

I always disliked this black locust tree.  I just wish the whole thing would have fallen.

After 2 days of working in the yard, the gang has gotten over half of it cleaned up and put in piles around the property.

This was Jack's first time on the mower.  He looks like a pro, doesn't he?

6 kind words:


I'm thankful the limbs didn't get Jordan's car and that you were okay. i pray they get your power back earlier than you expect!


Yowza! That's quite a storm. Glad everyone is ok.


Hey! We got power around noon today. I hope yours is NEXT! In the meantime I'm glad that you're all safe. Car, too. :D


That's crazy. I had heard there were bad storms down your way but I didn't realize they were THAT crazy!!


That same storm went through Ohio as well. It was quite the storm. We lost power but fortunately our town was one of the first ones to get restored. I think most of Ohio was out of power and some still don't have it back. Haleigh kept walking around the house turning light switches on and off, telling me that "light broke". So glad that you are okay!!! A man a couple blocks over from us was "sitting in his truck" waiting for the storm to pass when a tree fell on his truck. We had a second storm on Sunday that caused a lot of damage as well, but not quite as severe as Friday's.


That's insane!

I'm so glad Jordan's car was spared. That was close! Glad you're all safe. And let me tell you...Jack looks soooo grown up on the mower. Wow!

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