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Welcome to my family blog. I have been married to Mike for over half of my life. I love my Savior, Jesus. I am a stay-at-home, homeschooling mom to six terrific, interesting children. My 3 oldest were born to me in my younger years, while my 3 youngest were given to me by God in my older years. I am very blessed. ~Cheri


Gag Reflex and Other Stuff

We all have it.  That gag reflex has saved us all many times from choking.  And, it has probably embarrassed us just as many times.  I've noticed that I have a child who has a SEVERE gag reflex.  Recently, I was brushing my teeth when she walked in my bathroom.  I am, by no means, a gross tooth brusher.  I don't make weird sounds or anything.  But, for some reason, my daughter starts gagging every time she walks in on me brushing my teeth.  She gags; then takes off running.  The other night, her sister didn't rinse the sink out too well after her own oral hygiene routine.  Sure enough, Eva walked in the bathroom and started gagging when she saw the sink.  I could hear her from upstairs.

This morning, I asked Eva to bring me Jacks laundry.  Jack is a 15.6 year old young man who plays soccer...quite often....4 days a week....and sweats.  You guessed it.  Eva started seriously gagging.

She can eat larvae and grasshoppers, but cannot stand stinky stuff or watch someone brush their teeth.

(a grasshopper)

Moxie, the girls, and I went for a short hike last weekend.  The weather was perfect.  Each of the girls have gotten quite a few ticks on them this year, so we always wear hats and checks their legs and heads whenever they've been near or in the woods.

Eva was the only one who ended up with a tick on her leg.....The price you pay for loving the great outdoors.

We had dinner with friends on Monday.  The girls tried a bit of fishing in their luck.

We had a great time with friends, though.  They introduced my girls to boxing on the Wii.  Eva was sore for a couple of days afterward.  Maybe I should take up boxing...on the Wii.

Now, I am going to show you a before, during, and after picture of Jack.  His friend, Abby, will be mad that I posted this picture because of her closed eyes (but she still looks lovely, along with her sister)...but it tells the story.  The gang was enjoying chatting...

....then Jack started getting itchy...very itchy.

He ended up being miserable.  So, I guess he is allergic to their grass...or their house...or them...

Jack was better by the next morning...after we pumped him full of antihistamines.  Poor guy.

 (The girls' paper chain)
Fifty more days until we see Zach and Jordan! 


This and That

Happy Mother's Day!  Even though I felt miserable with a cold, I had a great, relaxing day because I didn't do much at all.  My family took me out for some Asian food after church, and I came home for a brief nap.  I awoke feeling much better as if that sickness had completely left my body!

The girls managed to secretly make a card for me.  They always think they are being sneaky and that I have no idea this stuff is going on.

 A whole lotta tape was involved in this project.  It's definitely one to save.  And, when I arrived home from church, Seth had dropped something off for me.

I received Jordan's card a day late, but she wrote the sweetest words that brought tears to my eyes.  She makes me feel like the most successful mom in the world.

Joy had a birthday this week.  In celebration, we went through some clothes and finally got rid of all the size 4 summer things...since she turned 8.  She is now successfully wearing all size 5's and some 6's.  She feels like such a big girl now.

Yes, Joy still has lunch on her face.  But, that seems to be the norm.  She is still such a beauty.

Joy was so excited about this gift from her sisters.  Two yarn balls, loom bracelets, and 2 shiny rocks.  Correction, "special rocks".  

Joy got her first 2-wheeler.  She's been cruising around the driveway with her new tie-dyed bike shorts from Jordan ever since.  Jordan is just disappointed the shorts didn't come in her size.

Angel food cake; the preferred choice for birthday cakes in our home.  No forks needed.

Remember Ernest?  Our hatched chicken from Ivy's science class?  Well, he has been so much fun for the girls.  All three of them diligently cleaned his box, fed and watered him.  He developed butt paste, but the girls didn't seem to mind.  We'd just wash his little hiney in warm water.  Then he'd chirp rather loudly for 20 minutes or so before he calmed down.  He was constantly held and cuddled by all of us.  Even I would sneak and play with him after the girls went to bed at night.

What's not to love about this cute chick named Ernest?  He's adorable.

But...we couldn't keep him.  He needed to be with other chicks.  We either had to get more chickens or give him away.  My husband said "no" to another chicken.  That made it easy.  Yes, quite a few tears were shed, but he is now with another co-op family with chicks of their own.  It was a great experience for everyone...except the butt paste issue.

I don't know why my daughter is sitting in the kitchen like this.  This is not a common occurrence in our home.  It must have been a warm afternoon.


And it is May...

Life has been busy for us here in Virginia; thus the lack of posts.  We are finishing up our last week at co op.  Jack is glad it is over, and the girls are sad to see it end.  It has been a great experience for us all, and I have enjoyed teaching high school history.  This week there are reports due, exams to study for.

Ivy had a science project with a couple of eggs and an incubator.  We noticed last night that the egg was cracked and could hear some chirping.

(Bad phone picture)

We headed off to the soccer games thinking we had another day before it hatched.  But, instead, we got home and found Ernest.  He is now 24 hours old and seems to be doing well and is very social.

He (Ivy named him...I don't even know if he is a boy or a girl) chirps loudly when he wants us to hold him.  I take him out for a few minutes to play.

Moxie has been very gentle and curious.  I know she could take Ernest out with just one swipe or chomp.  Still no change on the 2nd egg.  I am thinking Ernest will be an only chick.  Well, Mike says we cannot keep him.  But I have to just 24 hours, I've felt the mothering instinct swoop over me.  We will see.

My first born son had a birthday last month.

Happy Birthday Seth!

 Oh, to have those curls!  (He shaved his head a week later...)

We had a nice dinner and some angel food cake...his favorite.  The girls had fun playing with Seth and Tia's dog, Chip.

The girls and I headed north to the Cleveland area.  We took my mom to visit her family.  We moved away over 30 years ago and had not been back.  It was great to see family and places that have crept into my dreams for so long.  I showed the girls where I went to school, lived, and played.  It was a short, but great time, especially for my mom.

I used to play in this field behind our apartments.  I actually have a picture of me when I was 2 years old sitting on this same rail.

The girls walked the shores of the lake even though we had some rain.

All places from my past...

And, since we're a home schooling family, we added a little education to the trip.  I didn't realize this until our visit, but I lived on the same street that President James Garfield lived on.  We visited his house and memorial.  He was president only 4 months before he was shot by an assassin.  He died 80 days later.  He had an interesting life story.  The girls learned a lot and will always know who the 20th president was.  I could get into a history lesson...but I'm done until August.

Garfield's Home

Memorial and place of burial

Surprisingly, many people tour this cemetery.  The guide gave us a map of the cemetery:  John D. Rockefeller, Elliot Ness to name a few.

I had to get a picture of my mom (in front) with her cousins.  She loved seeing everyone.

And, I have some special memories of my cousin, Lisa.  When I was very young, I loved staying the weekend at her house.  She had more Barbies than I could count.

Until next time....

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