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Welcome to my family blog. I have been married to Mike for over half of my life. I love my Savior, Jesus. I am a stay-at-home, homeschooling mom to six terrific, interesting children. My 3 oldest were born to me in my younger years, while my 3 youngest were given to me by God in my older years. I am very blessed. ~Cheri


Memorial Weekend

Seth had a long weekend, and he chose to come home for a visit.  I have to say that Seth usually adds a bit of intensity to the family when he is home even for a short time.

It first started with some chokeholds.

Seth pulled Eva's tooth and gave her a fake black eye after sucking the tears off her face a bit too hard.  I found out (after the fact) that he took Jack to a parking lot to let him drive our car.  Jack is 14.  Yep.  That's Seth for you.  He managed some time in the yard to play soccer with the kids.  That was nice.  And somewhat calm.  And peaceful.

We miss watching him play soccer.  It's hard to believe he is a "man".  Well, in the world's eye he is, but he is still just my boy, Seth.


A Month In The Life Of A Vegan

I recently had a conversation with a friend that I've known since the early 1990's.  We both home school, and our kids play soccer on opposing teams.  About 2 years ago, Catherine (named changed) was diagnose with breast cancer after a routine mammogram and subsequent biopsy.  She was 50 years old.

When I heard the news, it was a shock to me.  It scared me.  It upset me.  I worried for her 5 children and husband.  I didn't know what to say.  I didn't want to intrude.  I didn't want to ignore.  It was too personal for me (just an acquaintance) to even acknowledge to her that I heard of her diagnosis.  So, the only thing I did was make an appointment for myself for a mammogram.  Breast cancer, in someone I knew, made it so much more real.

Finally, I talked with Catherine just a couple of months ago.  I told her how her diagnosis had made me make my own mammogram appointment.  Her response was not one I had all.  "Honey, I would have told you to never, ever have a mammogram."  Honestly, that completely shocked me.  I had expected the usual, "Thanks for your prayers", etc..

She went on to tell me that based on her own research, that she chose to go vegan instead of the traditional cancer treatment.  I can imagine that must have been a tough decision for her to make, but she seemed quite bold and confident in her choice.  Catherine said that she had been reading The China Study, by T. Colin Campbell.  This book helped her make her own decision about her treatment plan.  It was definitely a bold move on her part.  I'm not sure if I could have been so brave.

 The China Study's premise is that our diet determines most of our health and sickness.  I've read almost all of the book and have to say that if all Mr. Campbell says is true, then it is definitely an eye-opener.  I can't possibly go into detail about all of it, but it is a good and easy read.  I do encourage you to read it.  It is untypical of the mainstream medical field.  My friend, Catherine, has been a vegan since her diagnosis 2 years ago.  She credits God and her diet to her health.  After she refused traditional treatment, her doctors told her she could die.  Her response?  "Hallelujah!"  She told me she did not want to put herself or her family through radiation, surgery, or chemotherapy.    After being on the vegan diet for some time, she told me she has never felt better in her entire life.  She runs everyday and has lost about 20 unnecessary pounds.

Curious, I decided to become a vegan for a month.  I never gave my diet much thought.  I ate healthy, but I also ate meat and cheeses and dairy.  To be honest, I could never imagine how someone could be vegan.  It was so opposite of the way I was brought up.  I thought I would be miserable after a month.  But, I wasn't.  I lost a bit of weight, and never felt hungry.  I ate a whole lot of fruits, vegetables, beans, and juices.  I love raw vegetables and legumes, so I know that made a big difference in my ability to make it through the month.  I've also noticed other little changes in my body that make me feel much better.

I'm not sure if this diet will make a difference in my future health, but I know it won't hurt me.  As for my friend, Catherine?  She told me that she had an ultrasound, and the doctors could not find her cancer at all.  She gives God all the glory.

I am not advocating Catherine's choices.  But, for her and her family, it was the right decision.  I know that I do not ever want to have to make that choice.  As for continuing my vegan diet?  I like the way I feel.  And, I do know that my calories will not be gotten from mostly animal proteins as they have been in the past.  But, I wouldn't mind a little Gouda now and then.


Rough and Tough

Every single solitary pair of her pants have holes in the knees.  I was embarrassed.

I was hoping to hold out until after summer to buy some more pants, but Eva grows like a weed.  The good thing is that Joy ends up with new clothes instead of hand-me-downs, because Eva is very rough on her clothes.  I need to buy the pants with doubled knees for her, don't you think?



Joy is now 7 years old.  She is happy about that.  I think she was starting to get tired of saying she was "six and a half".

Joy got her very own combination safe.  Her daddy secretly showed her the combination...

...and she remembers it all on her own.  That is better than me.  I had to keep the paper the code came on.  Now if I can just remember where I put it...

Joy's a little unsure about the gift Jordan sent from Hawaii.  She ended up wearing the skirt and necklace to the soccer game. And she opted for the doll cake this year.  Good times for the new 7 year old.

Happy Mother's Day to you all!  It has been a great day.  My sweetheart got me flowers and perfume.  Then we all went to lunch at a local Asian restaurant after church.

Jordan got me hooked in 2008 when she bought me my first bottle of Chance Chanel.  Love it!

Then the girls made me some cards that are just priceless.

Notice Eva's misspelling of "Mother".

And Ivy is always so creative!  It has been a great weekend.  Anyone want to start a petition for a Mother's Week instead of Day? 


My Life Lately

This morning started out the same as any other morning.  Breakfast, coffee, begin school, prayer, devotional, Words with Friends, Ruzzle.  Jack got up an hour or so later (I'm perfectly okay with this since the girls can be half way through school before I start with Jack), and I started all over again.

I was at the desk with Jack doing math.  Geometry, specifically.  I was agitated.  I kept getting a particular word problem wrong.  Good grief, it was 8th grade!  So, I had to take a break and went into the girls' bathroom.  Sparing you the details, the potty (still using that term because I think my girls are still 2 years old) was wet.  Upon further inspection, the lid was wet, too.  As well as the sink counter.  It looked like a rainstorm had gone through the bathroom.  And, I wasn't too happy about a wet potty.  And since I was already agitated about the ridiculous geometry problem, I decided to find out who hosed down the bathroom.  Eva?  No.  Joy?  No.  Ivy?  A quiet voice answered yes.  I guess she could tell in my ugly tone that I wasn't a happy mom.  After chiding her, I asked why?  And talk about shameful.  That was me.  Ivy was doing her best to clean the bathroom - without being asked.  And I responded with an ugly ol' attitude because of a geometry problem and a wet toilet seat.  Lesson learned.  I hugged her up, thanked her, and showed her how to clean the bathroom.

Ivy is a very sweet girl.  She is always eager to help out around the house.  I love her so much.  She isn't perfect.  She has the normal sibling issues, but who am I?  I just acted ugly.  How patient our Heavenly Father is with us. And how loving He is to show me my ugly attitude.

Sweetness all in pink.  Well, sweetness most of the time.

Now, onto another Ivy story.  Today, while making cookies, this conversation happened:

Ivy:  I know who wrote the book of Mark.
Me:  Really?  Who?
Ivy:  John Mark.
Me:  Who wrote Matthew?
Ivy:  Matthew.
Me:  Who wrote Luke?
Ivy:  Luke.
Me:  Who wrote John?
Ivy:  John.
Me:  Who wrote Acts?
Ivy:  I don't know anyone named Acts.

Gotta love it!

 And in the spirit of keeping it real to let you know it isn't all roses 'round here...

Joy got mad because Eva had her Hopper.  She decided to lay on the floor and show her pouty face.  She still is cute.  She seemed to have forgotten our rule, "If you cry for something, you never get it."


Annoying Friends

Yes, I have annoying friends.  I started noticing them about 5 years ago.  At first I ignored them.  Or at least I tried to.  I know other people that have annoying friends and deal with them just fine.  After a while, those friends brought more annoying friends.  They've become more noticeable to me.  I don't know what to do about them.  Sometimes they whisper ugly words to me, telling me things I did not want to hear.  Other times, their whispers tell me encouraging words.

No one really notices how annoying they really are.  Every now and then, one of the friends will stand up nice and tall for everyone to see and make a spectacle of herself.  Then I have to do something to calm her down.  Usually, I just spray her with something.  That seems to do the trick.  

I have been good about ignoring them.  Then a couple of weeks ago, my husband mentioned something about one of my annoying friends. He even went so far as to remove that annoying friend from my presence.  Maybe I should do something?  I'd love to just hire someone to "take them out" one by one, or all at once for all I care.  But, I'm too frugal to spend the money on them.  Before I know it, I'll be spending a lot of money taking care of all the friends that try to keep coming around.  I'm not sure if I'm ready to do that.

My husband has annoying friends, too.  His friends started coming around at least ten years ago, but he doesn't seem too bothered by them.  It is a good thing because he has more than twice as many friends as I have.

Oh, the dilemma!  For those who have "annoying friends", I'd love to hear what you do about them.  Maybe I'll wait until they come around faster than my hands can pluck them out or go bald trying!

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