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Welcome to my family blog. I have been married to Mike for over half of my life. I love my Savior, Jesus. I am a stay-at-home, homeschooling mom to six terrific, interesting children. My 3 oldest were born to me in my younger years, while my 3 youngest were given to me by God in my older years. I am very blessed. ~Cheri


Foxy Moxie

Just thought I'd share an update on our puppy.  People have said that puppies are like newborns.  Well, yes, that is correct in some aspects.  But, Moxie has slept through the night since we brought her home.  The potty training is going so-so.  She's stopped doing her business in her crate and runs outside first thing in the morning, but she is still wanting to do it when she's in the house.  Any suggestions?

I am really enjoying have a puppy.  She is a lot of fun, and she is so cute.  She is quickly growing and loves to eat.  Millie, our 12 year old Lab Mix, is still not friendly with her.  She's actually snapped at her a few times when Moxie runs to play with her.  I am sure it is her age combined with the fact that Millie is a bit territorial.  Millie is a snub.  Moxie just wants a good time!

(Ivy has a sore on her nose from a cold she had last week.  She wiped her nose way too much.  Now, I have the cold.  Nothing like sharing everything around here!)


Fun With Seth

Seth has always been fun to be around.  Even as a little boy, adults were attracted to his joyfulness and funny spirit.  When we were selling our house in Illinois, our Realtor could not wait to come to our house and talk to Seth.  He was entertaining to say the least.

While Mike and Jack were at karate, Seth helped me bake chocolate chip cookies.  As you can tell, he is all into it.

After working in the kitchen, Ivy, Eva, and Joy wanted to give him the spa treatment.

And, of course, after he looked so smashing, we had to finish the evening with some dancing (pictures compliments of Ivy Xue).

Jordan says I look young in this photo.  I guess the gravity is doing a fine job lifting my face.  Maybe I should walk around upside down all the time?

Seth has brought our home so much joy.  He has not always been an easy child to parent, and still isn't.  I always likened it to trying to lasso a tornado.  If I have a breaking point at all, Seth will be the child to graciously send me there.  I may have already arrived, but am in denial?  Or just insane?  Ever see the movie Shutter Island?  Maybe this is not reality at all? 



This morning, as Eva was bringing her dishes to the sink after breakfast, she says, "I need something heavy to carry so I can look at my veins."

Has she been sneaking the weights?  Or listening to the men in this house?


"Be Honest With Me..."

..."is it hard to love your three girls like your own?" asked an acquaintance last week.  I have to admit that a million thoughts ran through my mind in the 10 seconds it took for me to answer her.  I thought about the day my first adopted daughter was placed into my arms.  When we looked into each others' eyes, I was looking at a stranger.  She did not look like my other children.  She smelled, had snot dripping all over the place and dirt in crevices not meant to see dirt.  But, they said she was mine.

Then, a year later, I was given Joy with strange behaviors caused by her life in an orphanage.  Joy, the one who cried that first week whenever you moved her, the one our whole family thought had lifetime disabilities.  But, again, she was mine.

Then came the biggie in 2010, adopting a 7 year old.  How can I love this older child who obviously does not want anything to do with me?  She screamed and ran when it was time to leave the Civil Affairs office.  She tried bolting out the door of the hotel room when the orphanage worker left us.  She moaned like a caged animal that first day.  How could I love her like my own when she is already 7 years old and molded by other people?  When the workers asked if she wanted me to be her mother she did not reply.  She did not want to be my daughter, so how could I love her?  Again, they told me she was mine.

Then all the memories came to my mind, and I held them in my heart.  There were many tears from both mother and daughters.  There was/is so much guidance, correction, encouragement, love, discipline, hugs, kisses, cuddles, just like I give "my own".  So, I replied to the lady, "They are my own and no, it is not hard to love them like 'my own'".  Every last one of them.


Saturday Mornin'

Yes, I fed my children powdered doughnuts this morning, but I topped it off with a healthy banana.


Sharing a Link

Just had to share this link...I came across it only while googling pictures of Hawaii for Jack's geography studies and my dreams.  The only in America pictures says much about our culture...sigh.  But, I only take the escalators for the fun of it with the children.


Poor Moxie

I walked outside yesterday and saw this.

And this.

Eva said she and Moxie even climbed up the swing set to the deck and went down the slide.  I understand why Moxie needed a very long nap yesterday.


My Find

I love going to the local Chinese Food Market.  It seems I find good stuff.  I've been sucking down this yummy herbal tea for a few weeks.

While in China in February, I bought a few of these at Carrefour's and took them back to my hotel room.  I'm thrilled to find the same kind here in Virginia.

*29 carbohydrates
*120 calories/can


Four and Five!

September 12th marked 4 years since Eva was placed in our arms...

...and Eva's 5th Birthday!

Yes, it was like Christmas morning with everyone in pajamas because Jordan had to go to work that morning, and we rushed to open gifts before then.

Yummy Candy

Fun Pens

Even Moxie got in on the action.

After a yummy dinner, we had cake, which I attempted to make look like a castle.  Eva was very gracious in her praise, as art is not one of my strong points.

And for good measure, here is a picture of Jordan and her friend, John, who both made it for dinner, cake and ice cream.


Wow, You Guys!

Impatient bunch, you are!  As much as I'd love to adopt another child again, that is not in the plans.  God will have to speak to our whole family in a mighty way.  Our quiver is full...our lives are busy.  My heart is toward the children who do not have families, and I will continue to pray for them all, cheer and encourage other adopting families, and be of assistance when I'm needed.  

Jolene, I'm shocked that you go to the last page of a book!  Oh, shame!

Sara had the right idea.  So, now I'll introduce our new addition...

 Moxie, born 7/22/2010

We have been waiting for a few weeks to bring this little girl home.  Jack has been wanting a puppy for a very long time.  We researched the various breeds, and Jack decided on a Chocolate Lab.  We found a local breeder, and waited for today.

We arrived at the kennel and I saw this sweet puppy.  I wanted a White Lab, but, hey, this was not my choice, it was Jack's.

How in the world do you choose when they are all so sweet and cuddly and happy and playful and stinky and fun?  

Easy.  Jack picked the cleanest one.  Good job, Jack!

Moxie is our first puppy as a family together.  We got Millie when she was a year old, so the children did not have the puppy "experience".  Jordan is just as excited as the other children.  Sshhh.  I even heard Seth going outside to check on her numerous time while she was sleeping.  Millie is not too happy about Moxie.  She runs away from her, but Moxie loves to be near Millie. 

Millie, enduring Moxie for a full 5 minutes.

Sorry to disappoint a bunch of you.  I wish we were in a situation to adopt a little boy around 8 years old, but that does not look like God's plan for us right now.  I know Jack would really like to do that.  I cannot imagine another boy running around here, and yet...I can.

Something New To Share....

...but, I cannot share it with you just yet.  The whole family is so excited!


Spaghetti and Chopsticks

She prefers to eat her spaghetti with chopsticks.  She makes loud slurping sounds that grate on my ears like fingernails on a chalkboard.  The sauce splatters all around her face and on her shirt.  She stabs her meatballs with one chopstick, enjoying every bite.  The noodles must remind her of China.  She has no idea she looks like this after she eats.

She just walks away from the table, content, satisfied, cute.


I Love School!

Yes, it is a very busy school season.  Last year, I just taught Seth and Jack.  This year, I'm doing something with all 5 of the children.  Obviously, Eva and Joy are a bit less work with schooling.  But, this year I tried something new.  I recommended this program last year to my friend, Becky, because she had 5 children close in age.  I had a different friend who recommended it, but had never tried it myself.  Well, Becky just loves My Father's World.  So, I had to give it a try.  I bought it for Seth, Jack, and Ivy.  All I can say is that I enjoy it myself, and my children seem to, also.  Ivy is doing great with her phonics and is now reading 2-vowel words and her handwriting is just beautiful.  Jack actually asks to do schoolwork and certain subjects first.  Seth is doing great, too!  What have I been doing these last 12 years of homeschooling?  I wish I had known about this program before, and I highly recommend it to those with multiple ages of homeschooling.  Everything is written all out for you.  As for the high schooler?  Well, Seth does most of his work independently, and we check it at the end of the day, together.  He actually loved reading Julius Caesar!

Eva, working on her Mighty Minds

Joy, practicing her number sequencing

 Ivy, coloring while patiently waiting to be schooled

Flowers for me, from Jordan

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