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Welcome to my family blog. I have been married to Mike for over half of my life. I love my Savior, Jesus. I am a stay-at-home, homeschooling mom to six terrific, interesting children. My 3 oldest were born to me in my younger years, while my 3 youngest were given to me by God in my older years. I am very blessed. ~Cheri


My Bouquet

My girls brought these beautiful weeds flowers to me the other day.  They just had to be put on display!


A Sweet Conversation

The other night while Mike and Jack were out, the girls and I were sitting at the dinner table.  Out of the blue, Ivy said, "I love my dad.  When I came home, I did not love my dad."  Until just recently, Ivy would not go anywhere with her dad unless I was with her.  Just a week or so ago when Mike was going to the store, she asked if she could go with him.  I was shocked, but so excited she had moved to the next step.  It was just Mike and Ivy, no Eva  or Joy.

Then we continued talking about how happy she is now that she is home.  We talked some more about her friends still without a family.  She started talking about her friend who only has 3 fingers on each hand, Ma Ling.

Me:  Does Ma Ling have a family?
Ivy:  No
Me:  Well, Ivy, I wish we could bring Ma Ling home.  It is sad she has no mom or dad.
Ivy:  She could be my sister.  Where would she sleep?
Me:  Jordan will be moving out in about a year, we'll have more room.  Maybe you could move into Jordan's room.  But, we cannot adopt Ma Ling.  It costs a lot of money to fly to China.  (I didn't want to go into details about the adoption process so I left it simple)  We used all of our money when I flew to China to bring you home.  But, we just need to pray for....
Ivy:  ....more money!
Mom:  Actually, I was going to say, pray that a family would find Ma Ling.  Sorry, honey!
Ivy:  When is Jordan leaving?

Ma Ling is in the pink shirt.  Isn't she a cutie?  Ivy said they were in school together.

Now, before you say anything...No, we are not adopting Ma Ling.  I do not know if she is even on the shared list.  Maybe she is your daughter?  She sure is beautiful!


A Soft Spot In My Heart

One year ago, we experienced one of the most painful experiences in our lives.  We did not bring Maggie home with us like we had expected to do for 10 months prior.  The whole experience taught me so much about myself, others, and my Savior.  I realize that I do not have God figured out or know his ways.   I'm now very slow to judge someone about any situation in their lives, especially when it comes to adoption.  Stephanie experienced an almost identical situation shortly after we returned home from China without Maggie.  And, like us, she is about to travel back to China for her daughter.  You can check out her blog here.  And, just like us, funds were a bit tight.  Stephanie is doing a great fundraiser over on her blog to help offset her travel and adoption expenses.  So, if you'd like to pitch in for a great cause, helping a child be an orphan no more, head over to her blog and help her out!  I was so thankful others were willing to help us out.  (Sshh, Mike is getting the T-shirt for Father's Day)



Do you think they still need naps if this is going on at about 4:00 p.m if they are sitting still for longer than 10 minutes?


Proverbs 3:3-4

This scripture has always stuck with me since Seth was a little boy.  I used to tell him how I would buy him a necklace with the letters "T" and "K" to remind him of truth and kindness.  I don't think people truly understand the magnitude of these two verses.  Having these 2 characteristics truly makes for an honorable person.  Other than serving the Lord, I always pray these for my children.

Jack with this week's scripture (yes, I know he needs a haircut).


Burst My Bubble

This was the photo that I put in the front of the photo album that we sent to Ivy at the orphanage.  I thought we looked like nice, respectable parents of 5 children.  Ivy recently told me that she and all of her friends thought we were the grandparents!  What?  She then went on to say that they all thought Jordan and Seth were her new mama and baba.  I mean, come on!  Do these children look like mature, responsible parents of 5?   Maybe they were hoping?


Translation, Please?

Language has not really been a great barrier in our adoption of Ivy. Initially there were picture cards to use, then hand gestures followed by broken English. Even though Ivy can say English words, they are with a very thick accent with incorrect pronouns or order. I love hearing her speak. Sometimes I can understand her, and other times it takes me a few tries to figure out what she is saying. I know with time, Ivy's English will improve. Some of her delays could also be contributed to her cleft. She cannot make the "Z" sound.

Ivy showing me her seashells.

So, the other day, she asked me this question:
"Jordan, Good Morning, take a shower?"
Translation: "Did Jordan take a shower this morning?"

Oh, I love this child!

 Ivy having her first conversation with Rebecca from Zhongshan adopted in September.  Yes, there was a language barrier, but soon, she'll be talking as well as Rebecca.

Ivy developed a rash after we returned home from the beach.  It is only where I put sunblock on her.  So, it is either from too much sun or sunblock.  Any guesses?  Her face was swollen and hot, and the rash was itchy, bumpy and downright miserable.  She's on the mend today.



I'm so very thankful that we had an opportunity to take a vacation to the beach. When I was a little girl, our family rarely took vacations. If we did, it was usually to visit family in another state. We were able to go to the beach just a couple of times that I can remember, but that was while visiting my aunt. Jack loves floating on the waves, Jordan and Seth enjoy everything about the beach. Ivy, Eva, and Joy had a good time playing in the sand. A few days the waves were bigger, making Ivy and Eva a bit nervous. Ivy had no problem heading way out with Seth. All in all, we had a great time, ate too much food, and enjoyed the perfect 85 degree weather.

The view from our room.

I love the smile on Eva's face..priceless.

Looking for seashells.

Jack in action.

The only picture taken of me. I'm always on the other side of the camera.

Mike and Jordan

Mike took Jordan, Seth, and Jack parasailing. They LOVED it. They came right by us while the girls and I were on the beach. They saw dolphins and a large creature that Jack swears was a shark. So, when the three of them were dropped into the water, Jack was none too thrilled. Those who know Jack, know that he is absolutely terrified of sharks. Funny, he asked if we could start a shark study in school.

The dip that caused Jack to panic.

I thought this picture shows how comfortable Ivy is with having a family. She's a very sweet daughter.

While we were at the beach, Joy celebrated her 4th birthday. She had a great time having cupcakes for her breakfast.

Joy with her "Sand Birthday Cake".

While in Florida, we were able to visit Martha. We took a few pizzas and cokes to her assisted living apartment. We got our own dining room. As we walked in the dining room, we overheard one of the residents say, "Good Golly". I'm not quite sure if he was referring to the pizzas or a family of 8 walking in with Martha.

This was taken in the garden at Martha's place.

New Rings!

What kid does not like to scare his sisters and other people with fake blood?

Jack, sporting Seth's new sunglasses.


Temper and Vacation

Anything can set Joy off. It could be she wants THAT toy, the door closed before she could get through, or she did not get to flush the toilet. The cause for this particular turmoil was that Eva made it to the bathroom before she could. Thus the torture of being put on the "stool" until she was done throwing her fit. While she sits there, she steps on her feet, rubs her hands, and moans. She's getting better...she has not passed out lately, and she turns blue less often.

We're heading out for a much need and anticipated trip to some place very warm and pleasant. I'm excited that even Jordan gets to make the trip with us since she finishes classes on Friday.

Here are some pictures of the children enjoying the very warm weather.

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