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Welcome to my family blog. I have been married to Mike for over half of my life. I love my Savior, Jesus. I am a stay-at-home, homeschooling mom to six terrific, interesting children. My 3 oldest were born to me in my younger years, while my 3 youngest were given to me by God in my older years. I am very blessed. ~Cheri


The Rebellious Child

Before you get any thoughts about my parenting skills, that Rebellious Child in the title is referring to me.  It in no way reflects my Father's ability to parent.  I've learned that the hard way.

So, here is what happened to me this morning.  Upon waking, I usually lie there for a while praying.  This morning's prayers were specifically for Jordan (she's coming home this weekend), Seth (who is living out in the field in the horrible weather), Emily (a friend's child who is sick, again), and our country.  Now, the big one that has been on my mind as of late, is our elections.  I've been praying at every opportunity whispering prayers.  I've also been checking the online news at every opportunity...too much.  I've been very convicted about it all.  Each day I would go to various news agencies at least ten times a day!  I'd call that quite obsessive.  So, this morning, I prayed that I would not be so obsessive about it all.  I told myself that I would go the day without checking the political news once.  After prayer, I grabbed my phone, played my sisters and a friend in Words with Friends, then checked the news.  I have the app for one news network and read the headlines.  I clicked on the storm news and read over it.  Then I clicked on a political headline.  I immediately did what I believed God was telling me to let go of.  But, a funny thing happened.  When I tried to open it, my phone immediately went to my regular phone settings and turned off.  I clicked on the news again, then tried to open that political story.  Immediately, it turned off.  God was speaking to me, and I disobeyed.  I put my phone down.  Even though it may seem like such a little thing, I am so giddy that God cares for me even in the things that seem so insignificant. 

So, I'm going cold turkey on politics.  When I think of checking the news, I'll just pray.  God is the one who controls the rulers of this earth, not me or my obsessiveness.


North Carolina

We decided to head to North Carolina to see our son at Camp Geiger.  Since it is never any fun for the girls to just sit around and chat on base, Ivy, Eva, and Joy stayed home with my mom.  They probably had much more fun that we did, but I was very happy to see our son, Seth.

Yesterday, we endured the winds and rain as we headed to the beach to see Hurricane Sandy.

We were able to take Seth off base for a meal, but spent most of the time in our hotel room because of the weather.  Today, Seth had to stay on base, so we just hung out with him, chatted, and ate some pizza and junk food.

 Yeah, we took the girlfriend!   Wouldn't have had it any other way!  They adore each other. And, yes, Seth is being ridiculous because he gets annoyed with my picture taking.

Just like his brother when it comes to mom and the camera. 
Jack is so cute and he doesn't even know it.  I tease him about his eyebrows.  Aren't they just wonderful!  I'd love to have them.  I ask him if I can braid them.  He doesn't respond.  He thinks I'm ridiculous.


Co-op Classes

The girls and I attend a co-op every Friday morning for eight weeks in the fall and again in the spring.  The co-op is more enrichment classes instead of academic classes.  There are academic classes available, but we prefer to keep the academics at home.  This year, the girls took:

American Revolution
Animal Kingdom
Seven Wonders
Joy Bells
Microscope Science

They've learned a lot, and today, Ivy and Eva brought home their beautiful masterpieces from their Embroidery class.  They are definitely keepsakes.


Not to be outdone, Joy has a picture of her history class.  I didn't think she was ready for an embroidery class just yet.  Maybe next year, though.


The Latest With Seth

Seth is still in infantry training in North Carolina.  He graduates mid-November and will continue with school/training in Virginia of all places!  I'm glad he will be in driving distance for a visit now and then.  Seth is really enjoying the training.  All those years of playing **Army** (I use that term loosely since he is a Marine, not a soldier) and watching old 1960s episodes of Combat have really paid off.

On the weekends, this is what we get to do.

He told us he was heading out on Monday morning at 2:00 am for a 13 mile hike with an 85 pound pack on his back.  That is kind of like carrying Eva and Joy on his back all the way to into town.  No thank you!  That is why he is the Marine and I am not.

It is crazy to see him looking like this...with real weapons and body armor.  Kind of makes me nervous.  Lord protect him, please.


It's Monday

Today the girls and I headed out early for a field trip to the creamery with some new-found friends from soccer.  It was a beautiful day for a drive through the mountains.

Someone is not looking too well in this photo....

After we all donned our hair nets, we were greeted by the owner who shared with us all about making cream.

It was not a large facility, but it did have a rather strange smell.  I guess it was the smell of thick cream.  Regardless, Eva showed her disdain for the odor during the whole tour.

It was all so interesting to see how the bottles moved along, how the milk filled the bottles and then capped by the machines.

We moved on to the butter-making area.

After the churning, they place the butter here to be pressed into the molds for packaging.  It looks so good.

Next to the butter section was the ice cream area.  They were in the process of making Peppermint Ice Cream just for the holiday season.

 Before it is frozen, they put it in containers.

The peppermint goes in right before the ice cream is finished.

The girls were not too fond of the freezer.  It never gets that cold in Virginia.

There were some small animals for petting and feeding.  The goats preferred chewing on my fringed purse, though.

After our tour, we got to taste regular, chocolate, strawberry, and orange milk.  And we all got a cup of our favorite ice cream.  It was a fun time!

After we got home, Joy promptly took a nap at my suggestion.  She's just is not feeling well.  She is our family's first cold victim this season.  Poor baby!



I've never been a big fan of camouflage.  But, when I finally broke down and bought my boys some green camouflage, Jack came up to me and asked if I could see him.  I was amazed by his naivete.  Camos seem to bring out the adventuresome spirit in my boys (and girl).

(Jack, 2009)

(Seth, 2012)

As you know, Eva owns a few pairs of camouflage.  I recently read that the new digital camouflage blends in with the natural surrounding much better than the previous ones.  So, when I saw this picture of Eva, I realized how true that is!

(Eva, 2012)

She blends in quite well, doesn't she?


Virginia and Friends

Our family lives in one of the most historical states in our country.  If we study early American history, we study Virginia.  Just because I live here does not mean I take advantage of all that surrounds me.  So, when our friends came down for a visit, we visited a few of these neat places.  Warning there are a lot of pictures, most of which were taken by our friend and aspiring photographer, Leanna.

Just we girls visited a local site.  I had not been there in a while, but we enjoyed the scenery and pleasant weather.

 My Girls

Since Jack and I just wrapped up learning about the Civil War this month, Appomattox was a great place to visit.  It was incredible just to be in the same place, the same house, the same road, as all those soldiers, Lee, and Grant.  I stepped inside the McLean House where the surrender was signed and walked the same halls as they.  It was kind of surreal.  These were my Iphone photos, so the quality is a little less.

McLean House

This is the original sofa that was in this house during Lee's surrender.  I would think it has been recovered, though.

The grounds were breathtaking.  I could live there.  The big kids had fun exploring, and the little ones stayed close by.

On another day, the older kids headed out on a hike.  We did not take our girls, so Leanna took all of the following pictures.  As much as I would like to take credit for her creative work, I won't.

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