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Welcome to my family blog. I have been married to Mike for over half of my life. I love my Savior, Jesus. I am a stay-at-home, homeschooling mom to six terrific, interesting children. My 3 oldest were born to me in my younger years, while my 3 youngest were given to me by God in my older years. I am very blessed. ~Cheri


Am I Missing Something?

Since my 2 oldest children have left for their military service, I've gotten a few odd comments.  Is there some stigma about the military that I don't know about?  One comment, "Is this something you forced her to do?"  And another with a half-hearted smile, "Well, if that's what they want to do...".  I find both of those comments unsettling.  Of course, I didn't force my children into a military career, and of course it is what they wanted to do.  They chose it, not me.

I do understand that there are a few bad apples in the military.  The news media makes sure you hear about every single one of them.  But, then again, I know of a few bad doctors, a few bad teachers, a few bad lawyers, a few bad politicians.  It doesn't make them all bad; well, maybe the last one?

Maybe it is because my son/daughter chose the military over 4 years away at college?  Each person makes their own choice.  They need to choose the path that is best for them.  It doesn't make it best for everyone.  I'm proud of my children and their most recent decisions to serve their country.

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I admire their choices and proud of them for wanting to serve our country! I especially admire you for allowing them to make that choice!


And I proud too! AND GRATEFUL!!! Tell your kids, "Thank you for taking MY place!!! And for allowing me the freedome to sit in my cushy home reading blogs!!!"

I've always said, (after having served in the Navy myself,) "If I were queen of the Universe, everyone would be required to serve one year of military service before going off to college." I think their would be a much greater appreciation for our service men and women.

(I don't believe in women serving in combat situations.)

You tell 'um, Cheri!


Serving the King

Amen and amen! You go mama!


You have every right to be proud of your children! I, for one, appreciate their service to our country. God calls all of us to different paths and He is the One we answer to, not people. Some people just always think they know what's right for everyone else! Sorry that you have been the receiving end of such comments.


I like Luana's thoughts about a required year of military service! I think it would be excellent too for all the young people that want to live off the system to have to serve before getting their government handout!


Amen! Sorry about the comments you've been receiving. You've got strong kids who grew up with a strong mom and they are doing AWESOME things!

The Landes Family

Very well said. For having to have experienced this lately, I am with you. Not all children are cut out for a 4 year school, 2 year school or even work. You have raised your children to be their own person. What they want to do in life is what you have taught them. I did not choose for Tyler to join the National Guard, but he wants to further his career. I did not choose for Taylor to go to another state and go to a college and come out being a mechanic. But it was their choices and they are happy with themselves. This is how we have taught them to live their own lives. I am very proud of the people that join the military, yes it is hard on momma's, but it is what they want. I am very proud of children who take on the world and do not live off of the government and their families. God gave parents the knowledge to teach their children. We have taught ours and now they must go out into this great big world and practice what has been taught. Your children are so wonderful and will do great in what ever they choose to do. Praying for you.

Darrell,Cindy,and Liberty

I can only wonder what our country has come to where military service is frowned upon. Choosing to serve your country is a great honor. I'd like to see those people live a year in a communist country and abide by their laws and see what they have to say about our military after that.
This is obviously political since we have the example of political leaders taking credit for the work of the United States military. This country's lack of respect for the military will no doubt be our downfall. Among other things.
I'm so proud of your children. They will carry this experience with them for the rest of their lives. It will shape them and build a huge respect for the freedoms that we have. My prayers are with them.


And well you should be proud of them!! As the daughter of an Airforce Cpt., and the wife of a husband who our first 6 years of marriage was a submariner in the Navy, the sister of a Navy guy and MANY other relatives including 8 of 9 boys in my dad's family who served in WWII, I have a strong appreciation for the service our men and women in uniform perform.
God bless and keep you and your kids and bless the paths they've chosen to begin their lives as the gifted individuals they were born to be!


I have found a growing bias against military service just like there is a grown bias against unionized workers, teachers, and people who work in the government. Unfortunately, the military is now often seen as a "fallback" for those that can't make it in the almighty private sector. I'm not saying I agree with it at all, but it's out there, just turn on cable news channels and listen to the talking heads shake their fingers at people who "live off the government" and praise cutting government jobs. What they won't say, is that they include the miliitary in that as well. It's sad.


I am just turning 66. Just out of high school, I didn't understand that I could choose a different path from what my parents wanted. Looking back, I sensed I needed structure in my life, which is what the military would have provided. When i mentioned a military type service to my Dad, he said the military for women was full of lesbians!!..I didn't know what he was talking about!..I didn't know what lesbians were!!....I always have wondered what my life could have been if i had followed my intuition. I was so immature and naive. I'm an old lady now, with more failures than successes, and I am so proud of you as parents to encourage your children to follow their hearts. God bless them and you. mm, vancouver,wa.

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