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Welcome to my family blog. I have been married to Mike for over half of my life. I love my Savior, Jesus. I am a stay-at-home, homeschooling mom to six terrific, interesting children. My 3 oldest were born to me in my younger years, while my 3 youngest were given to me by God in my older years. I am very blessed. ~Cheri


Playground and Sensory Issues

While Jack is in karate class, the girls and I sometimes head across the street to the playground.  I take for granted that my 3 young daughters can run and play like every other child.  Unfortunately, that has not always been the case with Joy.

Obviously, she will struggle with cross the monkey bars.  Her left hand just cannot grasp that bar.  Maybe in time, she will learn to compensate.

This swinging walkway really was difficult for Joy.  I believe Joy has some depth perception/sensory issues.  When Joy first came home, she screamed when I would change her diaper on an elevated changing table whenever we were out and about.  Once I changed her in the back area of our Honda with the hatch open.  You would have thought she was in extraordinary pain from the way she was screaming.  Once she started walking, she refused or even cried when she tried to walk on the playground equipment that had the tiny holes in them.  Since she could see the ground, she knew she was elevated and wanted no part in that playtime.

The fireman's pole was a real challenge.  Not only could she not grasp the pole, but that whole depth thing really got to her.  She was successful this week in going down this pole.  But, in 2009 it was a different story.  I held her the whole way down.

Ivy seems to have no problems at the park in most areas.

But, she refuses to climb atop the dome-shaped bars and avoids the amusement park rides that causes too many butterflies in her tummy.  I think she is just unfamiliar with that feeling.

Eva seems to have no issues climbing or riding on anything at all.  Her spirit is more adventurous, and if mom says it's safe, then it's safe!

Notice those armpits?  When she was little we could hide her plastic eggs from her play kitchen inside those babies.  I've never seems armpits so big on such a little girl.

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Caleb has a hard time with the monkey bars, too, because he has a very poor grip with his left hand. Now, Madeline has no trouble, and that's because she uses the crook of her left arm to hang from. Perhaps as they age, both Caleb and Joy will do the monkey bars the same way Madeline does. It's very logical for them to use their hand in the traditional sense because they have one, but it's not always practical (as least as far as monkey bars are concerned.)

On another note, my heart aches for Joy. She experienced so much sensory deprivation when she was in the orphanage. No child should have to suffer like that. :(


We have a sensory kiddo too. I am happy to say that at almost 9 years of age, he has overcome most of his issues.

Love the matching shirts!! They are all so beautiful!


Our little guy has some depth perception issues too. This year I've seen a great change in him when it comes to playgrounds with equipment with holes, etc. He's finally becoming a little more brave and overcoming that, though he still struggles.
The armpit thing cracked me up!


Our daughter had the same type of fears. I finally had her accepted into a very sought after OT's office. After his first time observing her and working with her, he realized she has what he called "graviational fears" She would scared to be off the ground or on unstable levels. I never could get her to climb on play equipment. So his plan of action was to strengthen her core and her reflexes. HE had her do a lot of somersaults to strengthen her stomach, she would lay on a big ball and arch her back up to exercise her back. She would do exercises where he would roll a column along the floor back and forth and she had to jump over it, kind of like jumpr rope but without the rope. She had to time the jumps and know when to jump. She also did work on a small seesaw type board. She came SO far with his work. Now she climbs on all play equipment and slides on slides. Even her fear of swimming was overcome with a little peer pressure and the "right goggles."
It couldn't hurt to work on core muscle strength. Anything to help her muscles and her confidence.

Kim O

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