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Welcome to my family blog. I have been married to Mike for over half of my life. I love my Savior, Jesus. I am a stay-at-home, homeschooling mom to six terrific, interesting children. My 3 oldest were born to me in my younger years, while my 3 youngest were given to me by God in my older years. I am very blessed. ~Cheri


What Was I Thinking?

Imagine, if you, will a family nestled between the mountains in Virginia.  Things were good with that family of eight plus a dog in the month of September 2010.  But this sweet boy, Jack,

 (Is there a shadow above his lip?  Or is that my imagination?)

really wanted a puppy for quite some time.  He had Millie, a lab mix.  But, Millie was 12 years old and did not play much.  Millie spent her days walking around the property, tromping through the woods, bringing home bones from unknown sources.  Back in the days of her youth, Jack would write Millie love letters and feed her M & M's.  But, as Jack got older, Jack wanted some excitement. 

(Millie, avoiding Moxie)

So, we headed to a puppy home.  We were all excited about this new addition to our family.  We just knew Millie would love the new puppy, and Jack just knew he would take care of her.

Aren't puppies just adorable when they look like little piggies and sleep all day and night?

But wait!  That was 3 1/2 months ago!  Now we don't have a little piggy, we have a Chocolate Lab from the crazy farm and Jack forgot his puppy duties!

Moxie is trouble.  She goes room to room looking for tissue paper to eat.  She did this to our bathroom:

She chews wood from our woodpile, tries to climb in the girls bathtub, licks our shower dry.  She terrorizes Millie and wants to play all the time.  She climbs over Christmas presents to drink from the Christmas tree.  She has ruined many of Jack's clothes with her playful biting:

Moxie has jumped in the pond a few times.  If something is missing in the house, Moxie probably took it or ate it.  She nudges her way to get the closest spot near the fireplace and tries to ease her way onto the furniture, thinking we won't notice a 40 pound puppy sitting next to us.  Her jowls overflow with drool and has to be cleaned off before entering the house.

She chases the girls in the snow and rips the hats, scarves, and gloves from their freezing bodies and runs away with them.  She causes chaos and confusion.  But... Jack loves her.  I think Millie is starting to like her.  I even caught Millie playing with Moxie one day.  Millie acts like she doesn't like her, but we know better.  Sometimes they even nap together.  It's definitely been interesting having a puppy with all the children.  Don't get me wrong.   I am getting quite attached to the over-sized drool hound.  She behaves just like one of the children.  I just hope no one else in the family wants another puppy.

10 kind words:


Still such a cute pup. I know they are so much work and can be such a pain in the neck . . . we are considering getting one. Good reminder to us. though I still want one.



The drooling part is so much like our dog. We have to wipe his mouth before he is in the house or he shakes his head and sends the drool flying. I have found that dried drool on the walls, the fridge and once on the ceiling. It is funny in the winter when it freezes like two icycles.


After about five years, labs start to slow down! We still miss our black lab, Ellie, and she has been gone for a year and a half. They just become a part of the family and they love their family wholeheartedly! Sometimes, I start to "think about it" and then I remember those first few years! LOL!

Serving the King

Oh girlfriend I feel for you! Gimme 15 children before you give me a dog to take care of and clean up after! Ahhhhh!!! You are a much, MUCH stronger, more caring woman than I! You go girl!


Oh my gosh, that seriously made me laugh out loud! I had to show my hubby. Too funny!

Thank you Cheri, for always posting such sweet encouraging words on my blog. I could never express how much it means to me. You and your family give me such hope! Especially Ivy. Seeing her sad, scared eyes in China turn to such happiness and joy now. She truly sparkles now. It is such a testimony to Jesus' grace and mercy. Thanks for sharing your journey and being such an encouragement to mine.


Your dog is very cute! Our kids have asked numerous times for a dog--but our youngest is allergic, so for now it has to be no. I enjoyed reading back over some of your posts.

Have a Happy New Year's. I hope that we will be able to meet up after the holidays are over.


So stinkin' funny!!!!!!!!!! Moxie is hilarious. And she shares one thing in common with Madeline: they both love to find trouble! ;) Looks like you all had a wonderful Christmas! :)



What a sweet puppy!! Look at those eyes!! Oh but I know what you mean, Cheri. This is the first time in our married lives that we have NOT had a dog actually. It's been kinda nice not having to worry about all the not so fun part of it to be honest. Maybe one day in the future, we'll have another one again. We'll see....not sure how Kaleb will take to animals quite yet either. Ya know? :)


My son Scott got a puppy back in April that wasn't supposed to get very big. He is now as big as a lab and just as much trouble. They came home one night about a month ago and the dog had chewed there mattress up. So dog had to come live with grandma for awhile because mom was so mad.


Wow, this is why I DON'T want big puppies....and the DROOL! How can you stand it!?!? Looks like puppy school is in the future! Good thing she has you guys, 'cuz she wouldn't have lasted this long at my house! Oh, Cheri, that drool!!! ;)

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