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Welcome to my family blog. I have been married to Mike for over half of my life. I love my Savior, Jesus. I am a stay-at-home, homeschooling mom to six terrific, interesting children. My 3 oldest were born to me in my younger years, while my 3 youngest were given to me by God in my older years. I am very blessed. ~Cheri


Accidental Adoption

I started this particular blog when we decided to pursue Ivy's adoption.  This post explains how we got there, but without the details.  I thought I might share some of those details with you.

When we returned home from China without Maggie, our hearts were so broken.  While in China, we both said, "Never again will we adopt."  The pain was so fresh and raw.  After about a month, when I could see more clearly, I began to wonder if that was such a rash decision, never adopting again.  Maybe there was a child for us.  I spoke with our great agency director, Lillian.  Our dossier was still in China, waiting.  Lillian recommended that we write CC double A a letter explaining what occurred and either requesting a new referral, or releasing our file.  I told Mike, "We either write a letter explaining our situation and be done, or we write a letter explaining what happened and humbly request another referral."  Mike's reply was, "Go ahead and write the letter."  So, how many moms out there would assume that it meant "write a letter and request a new referral"?  That is what I thought.  I was excited, yet fearful.  I wrote the letter the next day and went to Mike asking for him to read it and sign it.  Mike said, "I trust you", and signed the letter, never knowing that I requested another referral.

About a month past and we had not heard from CC double A.  Mike and I were talking about it all, and he said to me, "I don't even know if I want to adopt again."  What?!  I just sent a letter to China asking for another referral!  Mike said, "I didn't say that I wanted another referral."  Well, that is exactly the way I took it!  What do we do now?  I don't want my agency to be in hot water over asking for a referral, then declining a referral.  After many tears and discussion Mike said, "Let's just wait and see what happens."

You see, I'd never, ever do something without Mike's knowledge or approval.  I truly believed that he meant to ask for another referral.  I had no idea he was still undecided.  After all, it had been a couple of months since returning home without Maggie.  After that, I really started praying hard for God's direction.  I was confused about it all and wondered why Mike did not feel anything one way or another.  So, I asked God to show me many things.  For example, "Does God speak to the wife and not the husband ever?"  After asking that question, I came to the scriptures about Hannah and Samuel.  After Samuel's birth, Hannah's husband was making his trip with his family for the yearly sacrifice to the temple.  Hannah said that she'd not return with Samuel until after he was weaned.  Her husband replied that that was between Hannah and the Lord.  So, God did not speak to Hannah's husband about that, but to Hannah directly.  It was also brought to my mind about Mary, how the angel came to Mary and told her about the birth of her son, Jesus.  Then I came across this post from another blogger who loves the Lord.  I just sobbed when I read it.  She posted it the day after I asked the Lord to show me something.  I was so grateful and thankful that yes, God does speak to the wife.

After I shared it all with Mike, crying, his sweet reply was, "It sounds like God is talking to you.  Maybe I'm being scared and selfish about adopting again, and God is trying to get that out of me."  I, too, was scared and selfish, but ready for God to show us the way.  So, technically, it was by "accident" that we came to adopt Ivy.  But, I know that there are no mistakes.  There is a reason and purpose for everything.  We may not see it right away, but I know to trust our God.

Just a few weeks later, I opened my email and saw this sweet face looking back at me.

And here is a recent photo of the gang minus Jordan, who could not make the trip when we visited my mom last week.

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What a beautiful story, I can't imagine not going back to China for another sister. This time I pray the Lord speaks to my husband first and very clearly :)

I love the crocked nose smile on your sweet Ivy's face. We have one of those in our house and it is so SWEET!!! I have become quite partial to them.

You have a beautiful family!

Mike and Barb

What a tender post.
I'm so happy for you that you have Ivy in your life! For many reasons *smile*
Have a happy 4th!
(who is just waiting for the embassy authentication, while the courier is ON VACATION next week - sigh - just another weeklong delay)

Serving the King

Oh my goodness that was so touching. So incredibly amazing!!!! (PS I'm off to read your other adoption stories now...I still haven't received the tube of mascara that you owe me from reading Ivy's adoption this point you may just want to go to Costco and get a mega tube.) LOL :)


Wow....what an amazing story.

God does sometimes speak to us ladies. Three years ago, Patrick & I had grown frustrated with our agency & their Chin@ SN program. Patrick wanted to switch agencies and countries. I told him to wait until the next list came out because I knew our son was on it. I felt God calling us to a 2-3yo boy, and yep, he was the ONLY 2-3yo boy on the list and we were matched with him!

Bobby and Regina

This is so touching!! I know what you mean, though! I knew back in Nov that Alyssa was our daughter - it took Bobby until early March - praying about it, since we don't have the funds this time!! He said the first Sunday in March, when the choir sang "Rescue me" - he had his answer!! We are very blessed to have Godly men as husbands!! Love, Regina


What an honest and heartfelt post. I wish my DH would just trust me as well but obviously we're no there yet. So thankful Ivy is home with you and doing well. 10 months today with Molly. Time flies by...

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