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Welcome to my family blog. I have been married to Mike for over half of my life. I love my Savior, Jesus. I am a stay-at-home, homeschooling mom to six terrific, interesting children. My 3 oldest were born to me in my younger years, while my 3 youngest were given to me by God in my older years. I am very blessed. ~Cheri


Departure Day and Travel China 2007

Wow!  This has been a very long trip.  We were up at 5:30 a.m. on Sunday morning and arrived in Guangzhou on Monday night at 9:30 p.m.  The travel went very smoothly with no delays or problems.  I had forgotten how long the trip from Chicago to Hong Kong really is.  I think it is just like childbirth; you forget the pain of "labor" after you have your child in your arms.  But, while you are in the midst of the pain, you wonder why you are going through it all.  

The children did very well.  We had great seats.  We purchased tickets, but really got 7 seats because the lady next to Jordan, moved to another seat.  So, there were times that we had 3 seats to actually lay down in.  Jack probably slept the most, 3 hours.  Eva fell asleep at lunch time right after leaving Chicago.  She slept for about an hour.  She went from one thing to another: books, coloring, snacking, toys, meals.  Of the 15.5 hour flight, Eva had her first breakdown 2 hours before landing.  She was upset because Jack sat in her seat.  Oh well!  She's a great traveler.

Upon arriving in Guangzhou, we found out that we don't get that day of rest before receiving Joy.  So, she'll be in our lives on the 28th instead of the 29th.  We're all excited and are all set for her.  Please pray for her transition.
 Mom, Eva, and a happy traveler?

Happy and excited as we wait for our flight to Hong Kong.

Jordan, before the 15 hour flight....

...and after the 15 hours of flying.  Jack seems alert.

Waiting to fly to Guangzhou.

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