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Welcome to my family blog. I have been married to Mike for over half of my life. I love my Savior, Jesus. I am a stay-at-home, homeschooling mom to six terrific, interesting children. My 3 oldest were born to me in my younger years, while my 3 youngest were given to me by God in my older years. I am very blessed. ~Cheri


An Early Christmas Present

Jordan gave Seth an early Christmas gift (just in case he leaves on Monday...but that's another post).  Can you guess what this is?

I thought it looked like an egg beater.  Any guesses?
It is a head scratcher.  Ivy, Eva, and Joy were all scratching Seth's head one day, so Jordan thought it would be the perfect gift.  Jordan and I actually walked around the store scratching our heads with this thing.  It feels incredibly good.  I cannot even describe the sensation.  I used it so much I got a terribly knot in my hair.

4 kind words:


Yes, I tried one once and it does feel good! I hope Seth gets to stay until after Christmas.

Our family:

I've never seen one of those before! But I can see how addictive it would be to use one!

No Greater Love

Okay, I was just over my friend's house, who is expecting any day now...and in her hospital bag, she had one of these. So, I tried it. It does feel great.....but I'm thinking not great enough to take your mind off of contractions....but, I won't tell her that. :)


What a practical gift!

I loved it when my mom played with my hair when I was a little girl. Now my kiddos do it in her place. So relaxing...and yes, do I get knots, too! It's worth it, though.

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