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Welcome to my family blog. I have been married to Mike for over half of my life. I love my Savior, Jesus. I am a stay-at-home, homeschooling mom to six terrific, interesting children. My 3 oldest were born to me in my younger years, while my 3 youngest were given to me by God in my older years. I am very blessed. ~Cheri



I'm sure you don't want to hear how it took me over an hour at the Bank of China to exchange money and how I had to make a friend and have them exchange some money for me.  Apparently, there is a limit to the amount you can exchange in one day per adopting parent.  You probably also don't want to hear that I slept horribly and my neck and head ached from the soft pillows.  You probably also don't want to hear how the morning slowly ticked away from the time I woke up until Daniel and I left at 2:00 to go the civil affairs office.  I can guess what you'd like to hear....

Well, Ivy had a horrible time.  I saw her sitting in the room with the nanny and she was quietly crying and wiping away her tears.  She was quite pitiful.  When she was brought out to me, she barely looked me in the eyes, but she did the token gestures to mama and said my name.  I tried being friendly, but it was like she did not want anything to do with me.  After a bit of paperwork, we started to leave.  Ivy cried even harder.  We ended up staying so long at the Civil Affairs Office because Ivy did not want to go with me.  She stomped her feet saying she wanted to go back to the orphanage.  People on the street were talking to her telling her to go with her mama.  It was very terrible.  So many things were going through my mind and I wondered what I had done.  The nanny ended up going to the hotel with us and talking to Ivy even longer.  In my mind it just prolonged everything.  Finally, my guide told the nanny to just leave.  Ivy threw a fit screaming, shoving, and running for the door, trying to fling it open.

After a couple of minutes of fitting, I picked her up and held her like a baby and sang to her,  told her I loved her.  She sobbed about 10 more minutes, got down and went to color.  Daniel and I did paperwork for about 20 minutes.  He left, Ivy and I went to the Deli and had noodles for dinner.  Afterwards she had ice cream.  We walked around the White Swan hotel looking at the fish and birds.  She started repeating my words and even smiled at me.

Back at the hotel room, we colored, did a puzzle and eventually, she took a bubble bath.  She let me bathe her and wash her hair and brush her teeth.  I was relieved.  She's a very busy person right now.  She seems happy at the moment and content to be with mama.  I'll share more later, but it is getting late, she needs to go to bed, and I need to get some sleep also.  Thanks for your prayers.

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Shirlee McCoy

Your meeting story broke my heart in a million pieces, but I am so glad she's doing better. I'll continue to pray for all of you.


Oh gracious, my heart is breaking for you and your sweet girl. She is gorgeous! I know each day will get better and better. I'l be praying for you guys!

When you get home and get settled, I would love to hear how your trip went being alone. I think that is what we have decided to do, and I am a little afraid.

Anyway, good luck! I hope each day gets better and better.

Michele (jackjujam from RQ)


Oh how sad for you to have endured that alone.... (that's all I could think..... and then, I remembered that you had Jesus with you and He knows this sweet little girl so well and what is going on in her heart!) I shall be praying for you that God will impart such wisdom to you each day so that you know exactly how to meet her needs!!

She is absolutely so stunningly beautiful and she has just an air of graciousness about her!! I am pleased to see that she began to warm to you later on but I fully expect that there will be such moments of immense grief!! The Lord will strengthen and equip you for those times and we shall all be praying for some break through as you begin to bond.

How she will love her family waiting for her back home!!!

with love and prayers,


Sue Lucas

Oh Cheri she is so beautiful! I am typing through tears of JOY for you and little Ivy I know God has prepared her heart and these are just things that will be worked through very quickly.I continue to pray peace and comfort for you both,but what a relief it must be to finally have her and touch and hold your little Ivy.
Love Sue


Saying prayers for you today! I love the smiling pictures after her bath - seems she is doing better. I am so excited to follow your journey.

Jennfam from RQ


She is so beautiful. I know that must have been hard for both of you. That is such an adjustment.
I hope the next week goes well.
Violet has been playing that she is you and she said that she was going to pick up Ivy! We can't wait to meet her.
Love you,


She is beautiful! I am praying for the both of you. Those pictures made my heart so sad. I'm preparing for the same reaction as well.

Looking forward to the rest of your trip.

Our family:

What a precious sweetheart Ivy is!! How hard it must be for her with her whole life changing. She doesn't know how blessed her life has just become. In time she will grow and look back at this time as the most wonderful time of her life.

You have inspired me so much! Traveling around the world alone to pick up your darling girl. I have been praying for you, for the Lord's protection and for the Lord to knit you and Ivy together in His love.


David and Sarah

Naomi metioned your sweet Ivy in her blog. Ivy is just beautiful. So sorry for her grieving little heart. I will be praying for her transition and for strength and mercy for you!

Love and blessings,

Deb -

Your little girl is so cute! May you feel the Lord's touch each step of your journey. Thanks for sharing your incredible journey, we can't wait to travel again.

Deb T from Roanoke group (beachluvnmonto3 RQ)

The Landes Family

Ok, after wiping the tears, I am so happy for you guys. Ivy is beautiful. She will open up and love you. Just give her time. She looks happy in the bed pictures. I will be praying for more happy moments.


I follow Naomi's blog and she mentioned you and Ivy today. Praying for you both and for special times together.


Cheri!!! She is so beautiful!! The thoughts of you holding her like a baby is so precious. At that moment, sounds like she realized you love her. I'm sure your family cannot wait 'til you both are home. Big hugs. Praying for peaceful sleep for both of you...and a fun sweet day tomorrow.


PS: I just noticed the other parents in the photos with their new babies. Nothing on earth more touching than seeing parents holding their child for the first time. I'm so happy for you!!

Deb, Russ, Lily, Lucy and Lainey

She is just a cutie for sure. We will continue to pray for a time of bonding for you both. She most likely was and is scared. Hang in there and just keep lovin on her.

Susan Appleton

OH Cheri, she is so precious! It broke my heart to hear about her sobbing and grieving so much, but at least that shows that she HAS the ability to attach which is GREAT! She seems so much happier and peaceful in the last few pictures! You hang in there and KNOW that all of our prayers are with you on your journey!


Hi Cheri,

I found your blog from Naomi's blog. We adopted our 6 year old daughter from Chongqing, about 18 months ago. Our adoption day was similar to yours, she was not happy. But I will say, adopting an older child is one of the most amazing journeys you will ever take. I can't begin to describe the joy and wonder of watching the heart of a child unfold before your very eyes. It's take time, lots of love and grace, but you will be blessed beyond your wildest imaginations! I look forward to following the rest of your journey.



Oh Cheri,

She is so beautiful!! I can't wait for my husband to come home and see the pictures! It must be so hard for your husband to be waiting back here too. And I know you are missing him!! I have been praying lots for you and the transition for her. Bless her heart!! And yours too Cheri - you don't know whether to cry for them or throw them a party!! So many emotions involved!! I'm so thankful you were able to get your computer working to be able to post these pics. I can't wait to see what tomorrow will bring. No pressure to continue adding comments. Our prayers will continue for you all! May God continue to bless you and keep you both safe and form that amazing bond between the two of you!!

God Bless Cheri!


Cheri she is absolutely beautiful. She must be so scared, it is such a difficult transition when you are this age. Give it time, patience and above all lots of hugs. May the rest of your strip go by smoothly. Congratulations!



I'm sorry things didn't go well yesterday.

It's going to be a big adjustment for her, but I'm sure with your love and patience, she will blossom. :)

Still praying for you all!


Cheri - you know I you were prayed for. My heart is aching that you both had such tough first hours, but look how far you've come already. One day, probably not long from now, your eyes will meet and you'll be shocked at how much she is yours and she will be shocked at how much you are hers!

And yes! She is beautiful!! I think our Zhongshan girls will do just fine in life!



oh my word, what a day for all of you. She is beautiful and I pray as the week goes on things get better.

Sharing Life and Love

Look at those soulful eyes! What a precious girl you have...Congratulations and enjoy each moment.


She is beautiful. It must be so hard for the older ones. It will take time but she will begin to know what being a part of a family means and all the wonderful things that go with it!!! Sharla, who posted above, has written some amazing posts on adopting an older child!!!


The way your looking at her in the first photo, so caring and feeling her pain. So sweet. She looks like she is doing well by the last picture. Of course there will be ups and downs but she will love you soon.
-April from RQ


Precious day for a precious girl (and her Mommy). Praying for you guys as you continue to work through those first few days.



P.S. Seeing that red sofa with the black and white pillows brings back so much emotion for me. Such a piece of their history. I will never forget that room as long as I live. When you go back tomorrow take it all in. You never know when you'll get to go back. ;-) Oh, and blow a kiss to Zhanjiang City from me and Molly.

Bobby and Regina

She is absolutely adorable!! Allie has those same PJs!! too cute! I am praying she will soon know how much you love her, and just know she will warm up quickly, and you will have a wonderful bonding time with her! Love, Regina - can't wait to meet her in person!


Wow. I came over after seeing your post in RQ. We are planning our 2nd adoption from China now. I know exactly what you mean when you say you thought "what have I done?!" This is such a bittersweet time but we have to remember that the fact she is showing such grief is a really, really good and healthy sign and you did - IMHO (and my SW's) the absolute best thing by holding her and rocking her and telling her that you love her. She needs to hear it as much as I know you need to say it. You are doing wonderfully and this will get easier.

Stay strong, sleep well,
Michele (aka momwannabe)

Wife of the Pres.

Oh poor Ivy!!! Thank you for sharing honestly though … I am getting my DH, who will be traveling without me for our son, 10, to read this. He says he is as prepared as he can be, but still he needs to read every story.

Changing gears, but I hope this doesn't offend. I gasped when I saw the last photo of your daughter, She REALLY reminds me of my daughter. It is very uncanny. It is not her beautiful cleft-affected lip, but other features. But they are not at all from the same area. Like I said, I know this is probably coming across very strange … it is just really uncanny though. I did a double-take when I saw the last photo.

Here is our blog just so you know I'm not a stalker!
roomforatleastonemore (dot) wordpress (dot) com

Your daughter is beautiful and I pray her transition continues. The tears are hard I am sure of that. Bless both of your hearts!


I came here from RQ and I am so glad that I did. Your daughter is beautiful! I am looking forward to following the rest of your journey.




Be strong -- You are doing great! Ivy is being as brave as she can. We send our love.

Margo, Mike, and Rebecca

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