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Welcome to my family blog. I have been married to Mike for over half of my life. I love my Savior, Jesus. I am a stay-at-home, homeschooling mom to six terrific, interesting children. My 3 oldest were born to me in my younger years, while my 3 youngest were given to me by God in my older years. I am very blessed. ~Cheri


Happy Days

This morning, Ivy Xue (shoo-ay) woke with no tears, but a smile.  Let's just say it made this mama very happy.  She still doesn't talk a whole lot.  I think she is intimidated by the language barrier.  But, even my guide said she was shy and quiet.  My kind of gal!  But, she spoke more today and tried new words.  She's using my picture cards I made, and I notice that she understands certain commands, like "go to the bathroom" or "brush your teeth".  So, we've made progress.  Besides all of that, she is a very happy girl, quite the contrast from Monday.

After breakfast and before our passport appointment, we ventured off the island with a map in my hand and Chinese directions to the pedestrian street.  My intentions were to find Ivy Xue some tennis shoes of some sort.  The girl did not want tennis shoes, it was obvious.  She was looking at rhinestone Mary Janes?!  She's flashy.  I've notice that the past 2 outfits she picked out are ones with some kind of rhinestones on the shirts.  Sorry, but I'm out of those types of shirts until we do some laundry.  She'll have to settle for mundane.

I took Ivy to McDonald's for lunch.  She eats well; she always has.  After that, we took a taxi back to the hotel to wait for our passport appointment.  That was very quick and informal.  Later, we headed out to the Italian restaurant, which was tasty, but overpriced.  They do have a huge selection to choose from, though.  We did some more walking, and I bought Ivy 2 summer dresses, which she really liked.

Corn at McDonald's

Ivy enjoying her steamed milk with sugar.

Last night, we skyped the family.  Ivy took a picture of her father and sister, Jordan with her camera.  She kept looking at it throughout the day.  She proudly showed the picture of baba to our guide.

We're hoping to meet one of her friends from the orphanage tomorrow for dinner.  They leave for home on Friday.  Ivy recognized her when I showed her the picture.  I'm not sure if she understands that we will see her, though.  I'm sure I'll see a different side to her.

We have a pretty good routine going between us.  She uses the room key card and takes care of things on that end.  She always turns out all the lights before we leave the room, pushes the elevator buttons, showers every night.  She sleeps well, also.  I never hear a peep from her after the lights go out.  She is such a joy.  She always has a bright smile ready for me.  I do feel that she is becoming attached to me.  This is so much more than I could hope for.  I am so excited for everyone to meet her. 

20 kind words:

Bobby and Regina

Ivy is just glowing, and looks so happy! Her smile is captivating! If you don't mind us meeting you at the airport, we'd love to know when you're getting in!! Love, Regina


It just gets better! The Lord knew along that THIS little girl was yours and it is so wonderful to see! She is such a delightful treasure and I can only imagine how eager the rest of the family are to meet her.

I am also very impressed with your ability to step out of your comfort zone and explore your surroundings together! There are many firsts for both of you and these memories are the start of a whole new life together.

I sure wish I could meet you at the airport too!!


So, so happy today has been a good day. Ivy has a beautiful smile!


I am praying for you and Ivy!! thanks for sharing your journey, especially about ivy and where she is at. I love all the's easy to see the changes taking place in her heart. It's so apparent that you are a loving mama, and I love that she is bonding with you. God is so good!!

Molly (aboyforus on RK)


Could things be more perfect? I shared your site with so many of my friends. I've gotten quite a wonderful response back from them as well. Have asked everyone for specific prayers over her adjustment and it seems the Lord has answered those prayers. How cute that she was showing her guide pictures of her new daddy. Shared your site with our pastor too and he was also so excited! What could be more exciting than a child without a family going to not just a family, but a christian family. Nothing could be more beautiful. This is just so inspirational!

Looking forward to tomorrow's pictures!!! Have almost enjoyed reading your blog more than the pictures! And I LOVE the pictures! But....your words just sink into my heart! Oh many tears of joy I share with you!!!

God Bless!!



She is such a cutie!! It sounds like everything is going well.
I love the picture of her Chinese characters. You will have to save that one for sure...they forget so quickly. I had a journal that Sydney wrote in which is now safely put away since she has not been able to write Chinese since.

Sydney who was 6 at adoption was wild but also did not say much. I guess she knew we couldn't understand her so didn't bother much. Just laughed and made funny noises sprinkled with a few Chinese words we knew and English words.

She will be speaking English before you know it!! They understand what your saying extrememly quickly.

It is so wonderful to finally see you with your daughter!

Enjoy every minute!

Jolene and Dan Powell

It sounds like you had a great day! I am very happy for you. She is a cutie. Her eyes remind me a lot of Tyson's eyes--so much expression in them.



So happy for you. She looks like a real sweetie and it sounds like you two are getting on famously well.


Sue Lucas

Hi Cheri I am praising our God for all he has done for your whole family.I forgot to tell you that one of Mom and Dads caregivers is Susan Sloan she sends her love to you I have shared with her your blessings She had told me to tell you hello,but in losing Dad I just forgot.I can see the love in Ivys eyes she is a precious gift as you are to her.Love Sue


Oh Cheri! Praise Jesus! What a turn around. I am sitting here with tears in my eyes! She has the most gorgeous face, and her hair? Oh it is to die for! What a beauty!

I am so happy for you both!!


Oh I'm so glad that she is bonding so quickly. She sounds so sweet. Could you get a electronic translator? I know some parents have used them and it helps the kids and parents communicate.

Our family:

It's so wonderful to see her countenance change so quickly! In each post you can see her becoming more hopeful and secure in your love. She is so beautiful and she has such a wonderful and loving mama!



I'm so glad to see how things are improving with Ivy!

It won't be long until you can bring her home to meet her new family. She definitely couldn't pick a better one! :)


I am so glad to hear things are getting a little better. She is such a beautiful little girl. I am so happy for you. I wish I could greet you at the airport so I could hug your neck (and Ivy's).

Praying for you,



I am sitting her in tears praising God that everything is going so tremendously well for you and Ivy.

She sounds like a sensitive sweet little girl!

She looks more relaxed and happy in the newest pictures you added.

I couldn't be happier for you! Congratulations! I will continue to keep you, Ivy and your family in my prayers!


Cheri! Oh my Ivy is beautiful! I have loved seeing her go from scared to having such a beautiful sparkle in her eyes. What a blessing. I cannot believe how quickly she has started to understand your heart. I am so glad your trip is going so well - The pictures of you two are wonderful - Is Daniel taking the pictures?

This makes me want to go back! and I just returned. I think you are very brave to be on your own - I was very comfortable in GZ, but emotionally the trip was very difficult. Your faith is encouraging and such an amazing example on how we need to lean into the father. You continue to inspire me! Praying that you are able to rest in the shadow of his wings and for immeasurable strength as you walk down the incredible path adopting your daughter. Hugs to Ivy!

Blessings! Ashley

Sharing Life and Love

Had to come back just to get some more of your girl! Her eyes...they pull you in...are they that beautiful in person?


I am so thankful to hear that things are going so well for both of you! God is so good. What a blessing it is that you two have this "quiet" time of bonding together. It's something that I'm sure Ivy will remember for the rest of her life.


Deb, Russ, Lily, Lucy and Lainey

Things are going so well. Ivy looks so very happy and that is a good thing. I am sure it is hard on her the "Not knowing" but she will soon find out she has a wonderful family!! Out Lord is so good. What a wonderful time you both will experience. Let us know when you are to arrive ... and we will be there. Of course only if you wish. We totally understand if you want this time with Ivy and your family. Then we will meet her soon, just let us know... You are doing wonderful and such a good Mommie... love-


wow! I'm so happy you guys are doing better. She has stolen my heart too. I can't wait to see her. Looks like she is adjusting, but I know it isn't easy. You are amazing!
Love you,

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