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Welcome to my family blog. I have been married to Mike for over half of my life. I love my Savior, Jesus. I am a stay-at-home, homeschooling mom to six terrific, interesting children. My 3 oldest were born to me in my younger years, while my 3 youngest were given to me by God in my older years. I am very blessed. ~Cheri


She's Ours For Keeps

After a good night's sleep, Ivy awoke with gentle tears.  I hurt so badly for her.  How I want her to know it would be okay.  But she has to figure it all out on her own.  We went downstairs for a good breakfast, which she thoroughly enjoyed.  We left for the Civil Affairs office to complete the adoption.  Ivy's tears came again and she was very sad for about the first hour there.  When the officials asked her if she wanted me to be her mama, she made no reply.

Still a little sad this morning

After some time passed, she started walking around the office, taking pictures with her camera.  Another little girl followed suit, and soon the two of them were talking to each other, laughing and taking pictures of everything.  Since that time, there have been no tears.  We came back to our room, then took a walk around the island.  I bought her a few things, we took some pictures near the river, and had lunch at the Deli again.  She said a few words to me in Chinese, but that is about it.  I guess she knows we don't understand each other, so we just smile.  I hold her hand, stroke her hair away from her face (which is gorgeous, by the way).  I received many smiles from her this afternoon.  I'd say it was a very pleasant day together, minus the morning tears, but that is to be expected.  We went back to our room, and she watched a ridiculous super hero Chinese TV show.  We laughed together, and I brushed her hair for a while.  She seems very content.

She picked out the glasses

Just Beautiful

We went to Lucy's for dinner.  When she opened the menu, she just grinned so big because there was so much to choose from.  I think she was overwhelmed.  Afterward, I took her for ice cream.  She was a mess with the cone dripping all down her hands, but loved it.  She'll make Seth proud.  They both LOVE ice cream. 


She had a spring in her step on the way back to our room and a big grin on her face.  I think she is beginning to like me.  I noticed that she will watch me and mimic me.  She saw that I placed my silverware to one side.  She then moved hers.  She did the same thing at breakfast with the juice glass.  Just 24 hours ago, I didn't know how this would all turn out.  I'm so glad it is going well for her, and she is starting to trust me.

Some things to share about Ivy:
She is very tiny.  The size 6 clothes that she picked out to wear today were too big.  The sleeves were rolled up about 2 inches and her pants were tripled rolled at the waist, and they were still big, dragging the ground.  She seems to have a gentle spirit and grace about her.  She is very elegant in her mannerisms..even the way she eats.  She has somewhat of a deep, raspy voice.  She likes cats, not dogs, and does not want to go to the zoo.  Her hands and feet are beautiful. She is beautiful.  Even the Chinese here comment about her beautiful eyes.   Her shins are covered in bruises.  I love her, and she has stolen my heart.  She is our daughter.

Some sights in China.

18 kind words:

Shirlee McCoy

She really does have the most beautiful eyes. I'm so happy that she is finally yours and you are finally hers and forever is finally beginning.

My prayers continue for both of you.

Bobby and Regina

Cheri, you are right, she is beautiful! I am so glad to hear she's doing better - I am sure it is a difficult thing at her age, but, she's only just beginning to see how blessed she truly is to be a part of your family! Praying the rest of your time together is full of fun and laughter! Love, Regina


Oh it is so wonderful to hear that she is making little steps of progress. I love your description of her and I can tell from the pictures that she is very graceful and elegant! I love how she is imitating you! Oh Cheri, she will adore you more and more each day! Even though you are on your own, I believe that God ordained it this way so that you shall have such a special time to draw close to one another!!!

Continuing to pray!


How wonderful to read that she is doing better and better with each moment. She is so beautiful. You have such courage to do this on your own, but like Naomi, I believe God will bless your relationship as mother and daughter.

Blessings to you!



Oh my goodness,
Nothing like starting your day with a few tears. I wish I could be a little fly on the wall with you. You are right....her hair is beautiful. And you can certainly see that gentleness in the pictures. What a sweetheart! I can see how you've fallen for her! I'm ready to submit my app for adoption #2!! I'm continuing prayers for you both and of course you're whole family...



She is beautiful!!! I am glad to hear that she is doing better each day.
Congrats on your new daughter!

Gretchen (lwjtwo from RQ)

Vicky Snyder

What a blessing! Praying for you both, and can't wait to meet Ivy!


I'm so happy to read that Ivy is feeling more comfortable. How frightening for her.... and you! This is such a big step but it's a beautiful thing, nonetheless.

Ivy is lovely. She must melt your heart when she smiles at you. Hopefully the language barrier will quickly fall. Kids pick up languages so easily. Will you try to help her retain her Mandarin? We're just now trying to teach our girls Mandarin.

My heart so very much wants to adopt a third time -- an older child -- but my husband doesn't feel it as much as I do. But I've loved reading your story.

Our blog: Double Happiness!


That is such a great picture of the two of you together!

I'm glad things are going better for both of you. :)


Her eyes are just stunning. She does looks like a ballerina, she has that grace about her. I am glad that she is feeling better with you. It takes time, later on at home another huge adjustment but take it one day at a time. The important thing is for her to feel that she is loved and very wanted. You are doing a great job.


Oh Cheri...she is soooo beautiful. And she looks content. She may be sad for what she is losing but she looks content with you!!


I love her,too! Your three girls will be so precious together. :)

Deb, Russ, Lily, Lucy and Lainey

So glad things are going well. She will continue to trust you and realize what a wonderful MaMa she has. Praying that the rest of the trip will go well. She is just a darling and those eyes are beautiful. Cannot wait to meet Ivy.


Ivy is really very beautiful and so sweet looking, it makes me want to cry when I look at the two of you together. I can't wait to meet her. Love you.


Ivy is beautiful! Her smile lights up everything around her! Keep sharing that smiling face with everyone... I can't wait to see more of the two of you and read how you are doing. Love to you and my sweet new niece... and to Mike, Jordan, Seth, Jack, Eva and Joy waiting with excitement at home! I love you all!


Our Family

She is BEAUTIFUL, and I love seeing you together. I'm glad she's coming around. I absolutely hate that I missed you in GZ by just about a day - I would've loved the chance to meet you and Ivy. I'm sure our girls would've enjoyed some time together, too.
Can't wait to see Ivy blossom in her new family!!


Oh my, what a beautiful daughter you have! With her hair and eyes she reminds me very much of some of the girls I saw in northern India who were just stunning in their beauty. Adopting an older child has its challenges, but the rewards are indescribable! Many best wishes to you as you begin this wonderful journey with your precious new daughter!
God bless,


YOu sound like a very proud happy mama who is keeping inmind what yor daughter is going through. She is beautiful and once you speak the same language you can tell her how much you treasure her, although I am sure she is getting the idea already!

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