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Welcome to my family blog. I have been married to Mike for over half of my life. I love my Savior, Jesus. I am a stay-at-home, homeschooling mom to six terrific, interesting children. My 3 oldest were born to me in my younger years, while my 3 youngest were given to me by God in my older years. I am very blessed. ~Cheri


Family Day and Graduation

We left for Parris Island, South Carolina, for Marine Boot Camp graduation on Wednesday.  The excitement made the trip seem much longer than the 6.5 hour drive.  It is hot at Parris Island.  Very hot.  We left our hotel for the Marine base before the sun camp up on Thursday morning.  We were greeted by a Beaufort police officer letting my husband know that he was exceeding the speed limit.  He gave Mike a nice warning, and we were on our merry way.  We had not seen our son since June.  We were ready to spend the day with him.  Our day started waiting to see Kilo Company and his platoon during the Motivational Run which started at 7:00 A.M.

This scene took my breath away, knowing my son was somewhere among these young men.  I spied him on the front row with a big grin on his face.  Next was the 2.5 mile run.  We lined the streets waiting to cheer on our Marines!

Did I mention how hot it was?  We were all sweating by 7:30 A.M. and we weren't even running!

After the run, the Marines headed back to barracks to get ready for the Liberty Ceremony at 9:00.  We headed to the MCX to do some shopping and sit somewhere very cool.  Then we headed to the facility to see our Marine!

 Patiently waiting...

 Seth's platoon.

Finally!  On base liberty!

He showed us all around the base.

Where he slept...

Who yelled at him...

The head...


We were able to spend time with this young man and his family.  Seth and SS developed a God-ordained friendship during their three months together.  These guys were able to have prayer time and Bible study.  Seth said he always felt "refreshed" afterwards.

My guys and my father-in-law.

For some reason, Anica wanted to come with us?

Seth had to leave us at 2:45 P.M., but it was so great to see him.  We headed back to the hotel and rested up for graduation bright and early the next morning.

Instead of being greeted by a police officer the next morning, we were greeted by the Marines at the gate of the base for a random check.  We had to exit our vehicle while they inspected our van.  At least they let all eight of us sit in an air-conditioned trailer.  Then we were on our way to wait in line to have our bags searched before being seated.

There was a total of around 526 Marines graduating.  The above picture is of Seth's platoon 3065.  Platoon 3065 was the Honor Platoon.  They looked sharp.  Their march and stance in unison was mesmerizing.  Pride and patriotism soared from every parent observing their son.  My words cannot do this ceremony justice.  If you ever have the opportunity to attend a graduation, I highly recommend it.

I'm glad my son was in the front row.  Otherwise, I would have had a difficult time finding him.  I'm thankful for the zoom lens.

Finally, liberty.  He quickly grabbed his bags, and we were heading home.  We get a quick ten days with our son.  He is the same high-energy guy he has always been.  But, Seth is obviously a more mature, disciplined young man.  There is definitely a pride in wearing the Marine uniform.  I'm one proud mother.  If I think about it too long, I can easily become teary-eyed thinking about where Seth was emotionally and spiritually a year ago.

On our trip home, Seth was thanked a few times for his service during our stops for lunch and gas.  It took me by surprise seeing our son's humility and character shine through.

12 kind words:

Anne Krause

The Lord is good and faithful and he has indeed done a work in Seth's heart. You must be so proud! Congratulations on him becoming a Marine!


How awesome to see Seth's graduation! He looks wonderful and I know you must be so proud of him! What's up next for him?

Wendy in OH

Wow! My hubby was impressed...PFC out of boot camp? Congrats my friend...the road less traveled. You deserve to be proud, give that boy a hug.


Woot, woot!!! Congratulations Seth!!! And THANK YOU for taking my place!!!

Cheri, we're not going to think about a year ago. We're going to run the race forward and praise God that He who began a good work in Seth is FAITHFUL to complete it!!!!

Enjoy your time together.


Oh, what a blessing it is to read all about this and see the pictures! Beautiful. Humbling. Inspiring. Enjoy every minute of those ten days together!!


I love it! You should be a proud mom! I am proud of the choice your older two have made, and they aren't even mine! Thank them for me.


No wonder you're so proud of him!

Did you wear your t-shirt??? :)

Martha @ Berrybliz

congrats...such awesome photos...proud for you...and thanks to him for his service to our country

Darrell,Cindy,and Liberty

I loved attending graduation a few years ago. We should be heading back sometimes in the spring. It is such a special time for my husband also since he LOVED boot camp.
Also, Can you email me when you get a second and let me know what home study agency you used since we are both in Virginia? We are getting to that point and I just want to be prepared to get on it as soon as possible.

Adrian Roberta

Wow, sitting here crying looking at your amazing photos! You must be so proud.


Congratulations to you. What an honor to have raised a Marine for a son (and you have your daughter as an honor as well). Please thank them from a random blog-reader for their service :)


What a wonderful day for your entire family! Seth looks so handsome in his uniform! How proud you must feel! :)

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