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Welcome to my family blog. I have been married to Mike for over half of my life. I love my Savior, Jesus. I am a stay-at-home, homeschooling mom to six terrific, interesting children. My 3 oldest were born to me in my younger years, while my 3 youngest were given to me by God in my older years. I am very blessed. ~Cheri


The Dreaded Chore

I've been putting this chore off for weeks, probably months. I dislike cleaning the windows, but mostly the window sills. Since we live in the "country", we have a variety of flying friends who are always wanting in our house at night when the lights are on. Besides the bedrooms and bath, we have no window coverings (only on 2 kitchen windows because of the setting sun). Those tiny bugs manage to squeeze through the screen and collect on the window bottoms. Through the winter it gets pretty nasty in there. When we moved into this house in 2001, it looked like the window sills were never cleaned. I had 1/2 inch of bugs to dig out. At least now it gets done in the spring and possibly the fall if I'm diligent. Now, I'm fortunate to have a son old enough, strong enough, big enough to do most of the dirty work. He takes the water hose and brush and scrubs the windows for me. But, I still have the inside task of all those windows to clean. But, I'm thankful to have a house with windows to clean.

 Every worker needs his helpers!

Our Girls

Tomorrow we are taking a short trip to Pennsylvania.  Jordan's friend, Abby, is graduating from Mount Zion School of Ministry and we get to attend.  Unfortunately, Jordan could not get off from work to make the trip. 
 Jordan and Abby, Christmas Time 2009, sneaking a box of Little Debbie's

This will be Ivy's first serious car trip other than the 2.5 hours to visit my mother.  I've been telling her how many hours we will be in the car, preparing her.  I know she is not looking forward to sitting for that long.  But, we all have to do it.  This will give me some insight into our trip next month, which is about a 13 hour drive.  Eva and Joy do great.  They've become quite used to our yearly travels.

Ivy pulled her first baby tooth.  Well, it was already loose, then her knee somehow hit her mouth, knocking that tooth a bit looser.  Jordan showed her how to take a tissue and pull it up and out.  With one try, it was out!  Then she just threw it in the trash.  She was quite excited.  She has one more loose tooth that will be coming out soon.  I cannot pull teeth.  I think I pulled Jordan's first tooth, but that was it.

5 kind words:

Shirlee McCoy
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Shirlee McCoy

I don't know how I managed fifty spelling errors when I only wrote fifteen words. Anyway, I love the photo of your girls. So beautiful! I'll be praying you have a good road trip and that Ivy travels well.

There. I think I managed to write every word without an error.


Well, a big thumbs up for Seth cleaning those windows!!! I suppose I COULD do it, but prefer to think I couldn't because that would be REALLY scary for me!!! Gotta love those bugs!
Too bad Jordan couldn't go to the graduation! I hope Ivy doesn't get sick for you this time!
We love you all dearly and hope for some good pictures!
Love you, Becky


I remember the day we helped you all move in, and you said something to me about the windows. They were pretty bad back then, weren't they?!
You had everything whipped into shape in no time! Those bugs didn't stand a chance with you around!:)

Hope you have a good trip to PA, and that Ivy will do well.

I can't pull teeth either! Makes me cringe!!
Thankfully, Katie would rather do it herself.

Sue Lucas

Hey Cheri I am so glad to see those precious children all 6 of them !! they are so awesome.

Hope you all have a fun safe trip.Will talk to you soon.

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