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Welcome to my family blog. I have been married to Mike for over half of my life. I love my Savior, Jesus. I am a stay-at-home, homeschooling mom to six terrific, interesting children. My 3 oldest were born to me in my younger years, while my 3 youngest were given to me by God in my older years. I am very blessed. ~Cheri



Eva brushes her own teeth.  I usually brush them once or twice a week.  A couple of weeks ago, I felt around for loose teeth since she is 6 years old.  Nothing but a small nudge.  Last night at bath time I was brushing Eva's teeth and found this...

...yes, those are her 2 new teeth behind her baby teeth.  Jack called her a "shark" because of her rows of teeth.  Eva is definitely never "normal".  She better get wiggling those teeth unless she wants the dentist to take them out.

On another note...where is winter?  We've had nice 50-60 degree days around here.  The first thing Eva wants to do every morning is go outside to play.  She asks after breakfast when it is still in the 30's.  She would stay outside all day long if she could.  She impatiently begs her sisters to play outside with her.  Sometimes Moxie is the only one who wants to endure the adventures.  Remnants of her playtime dot the yard: teapot, photo album wedged in a tree (?), notebooks, cups, backpacks, collection of walnuts, sticks.  She reminds me a lot of Seth when he was younger.  He would wake up at 5:00 am, do his school by 9:00 am just so he could play all day long.  Life was so exciting and never dull during those single digit years!  I'd like to have a few of them back.

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Our daughter that is also adopted from China had shark teeth for bottoms and uppers. Our Chinese dentist said that this is not unusual for Chinese children. He also said that it doesn't hinder the way the permanent teeth grow in. Now we are dealing with an underbite also typical.
I love following your blog.


Yikes! Looks like you are going to need a good orthodontist!


Oh wow! I've never seen that before. How long do you have to wait for them to fall out before they get pulled out?

Speaking of teeth...poor Caleb. He's now 7 and still hasn't lost a tooth. It breaks my heart. He's probably the only 7yo with all his baby teeth. He keeps asking me when he's gonna lose one, since he's not a baby anymore and doesn't need them. :(


This happened with our daughter. The sooner they come out, the more likely the permanent teeth will get pushed forward into place by her tongue as she talks. Our daughter has had 3 permanent teeth come in like this, 2 of the 3 she was able to wiggle out on her own before the permanent ones came completely in. One baby tooth had to be pulled. As it turns out, that tooth had a bull root. That's where the baby tooth root does not dissolve (it usually dissolves as the permanent tooth grows under it and it gets absorbed into the permanent tooth). Anyway, if there is a bull root, little chance it will come out without being pulled. Hoping that she can wiggle them out. Lots of apples and carrots for Eva this week!

The Landes Family

Talicee has not lost any teeth yet either. She wants to so badly. All of her classmates have except for Anislee. I will check her teeth today and see if she has shark teeth too. Never thought of that. Maybe not loosing teeth so soon will make the permanent ones even better.


Out of the 4 'shark' teeth our daughter has had only one had to be pulled. It was even tough for the dentist to pull. Her permanent and baby teeth got the same height before they came out. We didn't see anything unusual about how her teeth looked after losing those baby teeth so her underbite has nothing do do with the 'shark' teeth. She goes to her first ortho consultation next week. She was 5 when she lost her first two teeth and 6 when she lost her other two. She is 7 now. I am very particular about her going to dentist and ortho that have experience with Asian children.

Football and Fried Rice

Her teeth look perfect! Myas big teeth had broken the surface of before she lost those two!


Just took our daughter to the dentist about her underbite. Actually it was not an underbite. Problems are worse than I had anticipated. Her top permanent teeth or hitting the inside of her bottom permanent teeth causing them to be loose and also x-ray showed excessive crowding. Phase 1 braces will begin in the next few months and our daughter is only 7. So if your child ends up having what looks like an underbite don't just assume and get them evaluated to hopefully prevent worse problems down the road. Thankfully we are catching this early before worse might have happened.
FYI: Our ortho said that usually when a child's teeth look beautiful with baby teeth (like ours did) it usually means the permanent teeth will be crowded. We have now been told this several times and it did come true for our daughter.

Adrian Roberta

...excuse me while I stalk...I mean catch up on whats been going on for you Cheri! LOL

Ping has this going on right now too....very new to me too.

Glad to actually read this post, as I was wondering what I should do about this....but I guess I'll just leave it for now.....

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